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(Following is a blog written by “The Unique Travellers” about their trip to Everest Base Camp in the month of April 2017. Mr Arnab Banerjee had been our guest who had stayed in our property during their trip to Gangtok, Sikkim during the month of Mar 2017.Well written, inspiring content and beautiful photographs have intrigued us to share their blog here with due permission.)

Pain & Beauty;

Agony to Inspiration;

Trauma & Glory…

June 6, 2017 by The Unique Travellers

Mountains strip you naked;
Naked of your power, wealth, region, religion, and leave you with what you really are;
a tiny piece of living creature-Weak and Vulnerable.
Sagarmatha (most commonly known as Mt. Everest) which grows every year is the king of the mountains.


Trekking to the Everest Base Camp and watching the summiteers tents, will make you feel proud about yourself and may even inspire to pitch a tent of your own one day.
But the journey to the Base Camp is no ordinary journey, starting with Lukla (The famous Tenzing-Hillary Airport).
Lives, literally hang in the air, until the plane lands at Lukla airport, but the panoramic views will make you feel alive every minute.
And you start walking, which very quickly turns into trekking. A Trek like never before; living life one day at a time, forgetting the dates and days.


Kid, you will become for couple of days, gliding through the trails, laughing at no particular thing, taking selfies, dancing to unknown tunes and exploring the new surroundings.
The snow on the mountains, the clouds in the valleys,

the cold in the winds, the smell of the land,

The bells of the yak, The ease of the sherpas,

The light of the sky, The support of the bridge,

The art of the rocks, The colors of the praying wheels,

The freedom of the flags, The sound of the helicopters,

The safety of the shacks, The smell of the food,

The warmth of the sleeping bags, The pain of your body,

The strength of your will;
everything you feel is an experience that leaves an impact on your life.

As the trail gets tougher, you get older; Goal oriented-to reach the base camp.
Oblivious of the surroundings, life becomes mechanical. Eat, trek, sleep, and repeat.
But as the final leg starts from Gorakshep, you will forget the pain and will start trekking towards the final destination, and at some point you will pause for a moment and will take a look around the trail, only to appreciate the fantasy that you are in. The kid is born again.
As you glide through the fantasy, it slowly reveals yellow dots at the far end of your right side; tiny yet clear¬ like a North Star in the foggy sky.
As the dots get bigger and the vision gets clear, you will realize that you are walking through the history, looking at the first base camps of the summiteers.
This is it. This is what you have trained for, paid for and suffered for, Everest Base Camp.

Grandeur than any pic you might have seen, holding your attention and talking to your soul.

The walk back will be filled with mixed emotions, a strange feeling that’s only to be experienced. What next?? , might pop up in your mind, as you will be, lacking a goal for the next foreseen future.
In the end, the journey will clear your soul of the inhibitions and prejudices, changing your perception. It will give you a chance to be better you.
After all ‘Everest makes heroes out of the common people’.


About the Writer: Bharat Areti

Born before the era of gadgets

Brought up with the safety of the family

Educated before globalisation

Working in the globalisation

Studying the world through books

Living the life through the treks

Dreamer, yet practical.

Romantic, yet loner.

Careless, yet calculated.

Witty, yet moody.

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About the Photographer: Arnab Banerjee

Avid Traveler, Blogger, Photographer, Adventurer.

He believes that Travel has the power to change

the way you view the world. Capturing the experience

in the moment can help you remember your

trip for a lifetime. So I introduce myself as

Travelers, Photographers, Storytellers, Bloggers,

Writers, Foodies and many more feathers which

I will add to my cap as I travel and travel and travel….

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